Azul Aesthetics is delighted to be the first and only skin care studio in
Tucson to offer the Oxylight experience to our clients. The Oxylight
facial is considered to be the current gold star treatment in the world of
skin care.

What is an Oxylight Treatment?

An Oxylight treatment is a combination of four state-of- the-art skin
therapies that work together to give your skin a healthier, more
youthful look and feel.

- The treatment begins with Microdermabrasion which will polish
and buff away any skin cells that need to be exfoliated. This step
preps your skin to better absorb serums.

- The second step is a stimulating Microcurrent treatment that
works on a cellular level to stimulate muscle tone and circulation.

- Next, Oxygen therapy is used to infuse your skin with selected
serums. An infusion of highly concentrated oxygen that has been
extracted from the ambient air soothes and plumps up your skin.

- Lastly, LED therapy exposes the skin to beneficial non-thermal
light which stimulates skin cells like collagen and elastin to
reproduce, leaving your skin feeling more supple and youthful.


Q: Who is the Oxylight facial best suited for?

A: Oxylight is recommended for all skin types and can be customized
for acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, as well as for clients with rosacea
and sensitive skin.

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No show policy is as follows: After two no shows, a $50 non-refundable deposit will be requested and used toward your service.  Thank you!

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